meet our 2024 samoan solutions ta'iala delegation



Program Announcement from Maluseu Doris Tulifau, Founder of Brown Girl Woke (BGW)

The Ta'iala Youth Exchange Program strives to provide a transformative cultural and educational experience for Samoan youth living in both the San Francisco Bay Area and Samoa. Participants will engage in a two-week immersion experience designed to:

All with the hopes of creating a lifelong impact on participants, promoting a sense of belonging, cultural pride, and global citizenship among Samoan youth. in addition, the program will foster stronger connections and understanding between our Samoan community in the San Francisco Bay Area and Samoa.

This program is a collaborative effort of Brown Girl Woke & Samoan Solutions. through the years, our organizations have worked together on various projects to serve our communities both here & back home. Brown Girl Woke will be the host agency for all activities and logistic support for our delegation of youth from the sf bay area & Samoan Solutions will be the host agency for all activities & logistic support for our youth from samoa. 


2025 - Ta'iala interest list

Interested in joining our 2025 Ta'iala Youth Exchange Trip? Here is the process in a nutshell:

2024/2025 program dates

The San Francisco bay area delegation of students will travel home for 2 weeks during spring break :

2025 DATES: March 28, 2025 - April 13, 2025

*2025 DATES BGW Ta'iala Delegation - TBA

2024 DATES: SS Ta'iala Delegation: March 30, 2024 - April 13. 2024

The Samoa delegation of youth will travel from Samoa to the SF Bay Area in the summer:

Tentative dates: July 13, 2024 - July 20, 2024