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A co-working and meeting space for Pasefika Businesses and Partners. Also currently housing Measina Samoa exhibit, donated by the Geer Family of Burlingame, CA


Community Pasefika Library that houses literature and periodicals from the Pacific Islands. Open for the community to read and view the collection. Literature is not available for check out. 


A multipurpose/flex space that can be transformed to meet the needs of different member events, workshops and art exhibits.

The space name is a tribute to Samoan Community Leader - Ace Tago, who was the first to bring the prospect of an owned & operated Samoan/Pacific Islander community center to us.  In 2014, Ace approached Samoan Solutions requesting support for an owned & operated Samoan/Pacific Islander Community Center in San Mateo County. Ace invested time & resources to scout a potential site location & building and had remodeling plans developed. We came on board and conducted a community needs assessment based on the project. The results of those surveyed, showed a strong desire for a space such as this to exist. The project was put on the back burner for a number of reasons. Even still, it is our hope that naming the flex space after the late Ace Tago and displaying the remodel plans will help keep the vision alive until it becomes a reality.