Calling Pasifika Artists & Art Collectives in the SF Bay Area. Our 2024 Resident Artist Membership is OPEN NOW!

Start your 2024 with this wonderful opportunity to SHARE.SHOW.SELL. your pieces in our PASEFIKA community space.

Space is limited & exhibit dates are available on a first come first serve basis. 

Confirm your 2024 membership today. 

Email: to get started.

Check out photos from our most recent Resident Artist Exhibit: 

The Peepole: T r a d i t i o n Series exhibit by Mi'le Strokes


One of the main solutions we hoped Le Maota would bring about was space to support our Pasefika Artists here in the San Francisco Bay Area. Our board, is currently comprised of Pasefika Creatives and we collectively hold ART as a means for our people to tell stories through a creative medium. We also recognize the costs associated with showing our work in Exhibit spaces creates a divide and accessibility barrier for many of our great Pasefika Artists. It is for this reason, we decided to take on 4 Resident Artists who will be offered space to showcase a week long exhibit in the Ace Tago Visionary Space. The 4 slots are spread out throughout the year and are available on a first come first serve basis. 

The total cost to become a Pasefika Resident Artist is $600. If you are interested in our Resident Artist program, please contact us today via email:

*Please do not be discouraged by the fee - we do on occasion have Angel Donors who are willing to support our local artists, allowing for full or partial monetary support towards the fee. 

Photos from Mi'le Strokes Resident Artist