FAGOGO Samoan Arts & Culture Program


Our FAGOGO Samoan Arts & Culture program started in 2018. The program offers free Samoan Arts & Culture workshops and the opportunity to participate in our theater production of FAGOGO.

We developed the program around the production script "Fagogo O Samoa" written for the stage by powerhouse author/poet/activist Sia Figiel. The script incorporates different stories & legends of Samoa as well as specific cultural practices and everyday life in Samoa. The layout of each scene was a perfect foundation for us to expand into Arts & Culture workshops. 

The program runs for 10-12 weeks and offers an hour long workshops. In the workshops, we look closer at the different stories, music, Culture & Art depicted in the production. After the workshop, we jump right into the theater production rehearsals. In rehearsals our community cast & crew are all working together - acting out each scene, learning to play/sing our Pese Fagogo, learning & developing choreography for all the Siva Samoa, developing our set, props, lighting, costumes and general logistics of the show. 

The FAGOGO Samoan Arts & Culture program is open to community members ages 6 and up. 


"Amy it was beautiful for what guys have done, I understand with a lots of work it's time consuming for all that because of your love to your children to grow up and be proud of their culture that's why, you should all be proud of what you've all accomplished is worthy for them. Thank you all a job well done. And God bless you all the entire SAMOAN SOLUTION ORGANIZATION." - Malia Mika (audience)

"I cannot find enough words to express how proud i am of my baby girl for getting on that stage and performing her best in her first playIt was her idea to audition & she worked hard to learn her lines, songs and dances. She definitely made her mama so proudI’m also grateful for my family & friends who came out to support! I love you guysLastly, shoutout to @samoansolutions & everyone who worked so hard to to bring this year’s show together successfully! You all are amazing Also, CONGRATS to this year’s Lumana’i Education Award Winners Keep up the amazing work and God bless on your journey to reaching all your academic goals #FagogoOSamoa #StoriesOfSamoa #StoriesOfOurAncestors #DoItForTheCulture #AleinaSofai #BlessedToBeHerMama #FamILY #LumanaiEducationAward" - Lita Lene (Parent, & Crew Member)

"Malo lava to you all! So great seeing and hearing the kids speak and sing in their native tongue. You guys have ignited fires and inspired many like myself. Super appreciative that i was able to witness firsthand the fruits of your labor. Ua malie mata e vaai." - Ruby Fualaau (Guest Facilitator & Cultural Regalia for production 2018 & 2019)

"Love that my kids are learning their Samoan Culture! Fagogo O Samoa- Samoan Solutions ! Great session today!" - Chris Tasi (Parent of workshop participants)

"A big shoutout to Samoan Solutions for presenting “Fagogo O Samoa, Stories of Samoa” written by Sia Figiel here at Skyline College. Here is a few pics of Autumn Poti performing the traditional Ava ceremony and Taualuga. We are proud of all of the young cast members using their talents to tell the stories of Samoa. Malo lava!" - Manu Samoa San Francisco Welcoming Committee (audience)